2011 Fall Course Syllabi List

BH 551 Elementary Biblical Hebrew Gauthier
BI 510 Biblical Hermeneutics Kennard
Ch 510 Church History I Dunlap
COU 500 Counseling Research & Statistics Ditsky
COU/CE 522 Normal Growth & Development Terrill
COU 530 Theories of Counseling & Psychotherapy Terrill
COU 540 Intake & Assessment Terrill
COU 611 Psychopathology July
COU-PC 663  Marriage & Family Dynamics Terrill
COU 665 Cross-cultural Counseling Cross
COU 710  Lifestyle & Career Counseling Cross
COU 751-753a  Peer Group Terrill
COU 751-753b Peer Group Terrill
COU 765 Family Mediation/Conflict Resolution Day
COU 799 Advanced Seminar Team
CS 654 Spiritual Formation in Congregations Towne
CS 664 History of Christian Laing
FE 651/652 Ministry Practicum Gustafson
GR 551 Elementary NT Greek Gauthier
ID 701 Interdisciplinary Capstone Faculty
IE 601/602 Integrative Experience Pitts
NT 721 The Synoptic Gospels Kennard
OT 501a Intro to the OT Pitts
PC 501 Intro to Pastoral Care Gustafson
PH750 Ethics & Social Witness: MLK Fain
PL 620 Culture & Context Gustafson
PR 685 Missional Preaching Gustafson
TH 501  Intro to Theology Kennard
WR750 Contemporary Worship Arts Sexton