A Landmark Invite: HGST to Participate in Key ATS Program

More than 270 graduate schools of theology comprise the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada (ATS).

Our school was one of only twenty that the ATS invited to participate in a two-year process to (1) focus on developing the capacity of those schools to educate racial/ethnic students more effectively, and/or (2) work on educational practices with white students to better prepare them for ministry in a multiracial culture.

This unique opportunity for the school begins in Pittsburgh in October 2018, at a conference on “Cultivating Educational Capacity,” with a similar second conference to follow in 2020. In the time intervening, teams of faculty and students from participating schools will work in their schools to develop and implement educational strategies—to meet the program’s goal:

Educating all students in, as the ATS puts it, “cultural competence.”