Quick Facts About Us:

  • HGST is the leading provider of theological education in Houston and Southeast Texas, offering more course options at different times, in each of its full terms, than any other school. A variety of other courses are available in summer and special “mini” terms.
  • The HGST student body numbers approximately 200 enrolled in all degree programs.
  • HGST’s student body contains many “second career” students, who bring a high degree of maturity and experience to the classroom. This unique community is a model of ethnic and racial diversity, reflecting the complex population of Houston itself.
  • HGST has awarded over 800 earned degrees.
  • HGST reflects its Quaker heritage in the rich diversity, openness, and inclusiveness of its student body, faculty, and staff.
  • HGST has enrolled students representing more than 17 nationalities, many of whom have returned to roles of leadership in overseas missions or other foreign Christian ministries.

Our Mission & Faith

Houston Graduate School of Theology seeks to empower spiritual leadership through the intellectual, spiritual, and vocational development of men and women in order to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world. The school fosters student growth by challenging and strengthening our students’ minds and encouraging our students to discern, yield to, and cultivate God’s calling in their lives.

At HGST we confess our faith in Jesus Christ and commit our lives to him and to the service of his church. We affirm our faith, not in order to exclude from the circle of faith those who may differ on some point, but rather to offer a positive witness to the reality of our experience of Christ as Lord and Redeemer within the community of faith that has nurtured us.