Financial Aid Policies


Federal Loans
Financial Aid is available in the form of Federal Direct Loans. Students wishing to receive federal loans will be required to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). All students receiving financial aid will be subject to both federal and HGST financial aid requirements contained in the Financial Aid Handbook. Visit the Financial Aid Office to obtain a copy. Students who apply for and receive loans are expected to be working toward graduation from HGST. Tuition and all other HGST accounts must be paid before remaining financial aid funds are distributed to students.

Scholarships are available to HGST students based on a variety of criteria. Scholarship information and packets are available in the Financial Aid Office and on the HGST website for students who desire to apply. Scholarships will not be refunded to the student.

Financial Aid Leave of Absence
A Title IV recipient who wishes to temporarily cease attendance due to unforeseen or unusual circumstances may request an Approved Leave of Absence (LOA). An LOA must be requested in writing before the last day of attendance and may not be longer than 180 days within a twelve-month period. During an LOA, a student is not considered withdrawn and no return of funds calculation is required, but the student is not eligible to receive additional Title IV funds. No additional charges will be added to a student’s account. It is the seminary’s policy that only the amount of days absolutely needed for this leave is permitted. A student on an approved leave of absence will not lose any portion of the six-month grace period which normally begins when a student ceases enrollment. However, if a student fails to return at the end of the LOA, he or she will be considered withdrawn and reported as such to National Student Loan Data System thus causing the loss of all or a portion of the grace period.

The written LOA request must be signed and dated. It must contain the specific reason for the LOA. The following reasons support the application for a LOA (though others may be considered): illness or injury to student or immediate family, divorce, military deployment, and jury duty. A student must submit the LOA request to the Financial Aid Officer for approval or denial prior to the last day of attendance. In the case of a sudden or unavoidable incident, this requirement may be waived at the discretion of the Financial Aid Officer.

For more information, contact the HGST Financial Aid Office.

No student will be denied financial aid, scholarships, grants, or any other financially related program on the basis of age, gender, race, national or ethnic origin, or handicapping condition.