Doctor of Ministry Course Descriptions

Doctor of Ministry Course Descriptions

Need Direction  Jesus is the way  John 14:6Courses specifically developed for entering doctoral students

CS 800 Foundations for Christian Spirituality and Formation (1 hour)

This course will define Christian spirituality and Christian spiritual formation and will include a description of spiritual formation process and background, as well as provide practical exercises for spiritual development.

DM 860 Project/Practicum Development (1 hour)

Students will begin the journey toward completion of a Doctor of Ministry Project or Spiritual Direction Practicum Report.

PL 800 Family Systems Thinking for Pastors and Ministry Leaders (2 hours)

An introduction to family systems as a context and a way to think about self, the family of origin, and the nuclear family. The eight concepts of Bowen Theory will provide foundational material for the study.

PL 803 Foundations for the Missional Church Movement (2 hours)

Foundational concepts of the missional church movement comprise the content of this course. The study will focus on the nature, history, and significance of the missional church movement, as well as distinctive concepts, practices, leaders, and literature.

RE 800 (1 hour) Doctoral-Level Research and Writing

This course introduces the doctoral student to graduate theological education at a deeper level. The student will learn doctoral-level theological research, especially the proper use of library resources and the Internet. The student will receive a tutorial on theological writing, including strategies for organizing and writing grammatically and stylistically correct papers and reviews.

Courses in the remaining five semesters will be offered on a rotating basis throughout the remaining semesters of the program for full-time students in the Doctor of Ministry program.

During each On-Site Instructional week, Doctor of Ministry students will register for a topical course, a specialization course, and a Christian spirituality course. The topical themes include:

810 – Preaching

820 – The Practice of Theology

830 – The Missional Church

840 – Leading for Christian Transformation (includes a 24-hour Silent Retreat)

850 – Culture and Ministry

PC/PL/SD 810-850 Specializations in Pastoral Care, Pastoral Leadership, or Spiritual Direction and Formation (2 hours per semester)

Pastoral Leadership – Skills, practices, and training in the areas of family and congregational systems, leading change, leadership within missional and post-modern cultures, and more.

Pastoral Care – Skills and techniques to aid pastoral care ministries including how to make referrals, recognizing and preventing tendencies toward suicide, family systems, crisis intervention, etc.

Spiritual Formation and Direction – Principles and training leading toward certification as a Spiritual Director, upon satisfactory completion of the specialization.

Missional Leadership – Skills, practices, and training in missional leadership, applying family systems thinking, leading change, and leadership development within a variety of contexts.



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