Certificate Program Overview

The Certificate in Missional Leadership is designed for men and women involved in ministry and desiring to be more missional in thought and action. For those seeking to participate in the mission of God in the world, this certificate offers theological, biblical, spiritual, and philosophical foundations for such ministry. The graduate certificate may stand alone for those already in ministry and not desiring a master’s degree. However, the student may also pursue the Certificate in Missional Leadership as part of an MDiv degree.

Certificate in Missional Leadership

Course Requirements

CS 501: Introduction to Christian Spirituality 4 hours
PL/BI 540: The Bible in Missional Perspective 3 hours
PL/TS 530: Missional Theology 3 hours
PL 550: Transformational Leadership 3 hours
PL 620: Culture and Context 3 hours
PL 640: Congregations as Systems 3 hours
PL 780: Practicum in Missional Leaderhip 3 hours
Focused Elective (BI, NT, OT, TS, CH, CS, EM, PC, PH, PL, WR) 3 hours

Total: 25 Hours