Certificate in Spiritual Direction


Israel Trip - 2012 - Photo by Chuck PittsStudents who desire more extensive preparation in the area of Christian Spirituality and who feel called to serve as Certified Spiritual Directors should seek the Certificate in Spiritual Direction. By the completion of this certificate program students will be able to:

    • Articulate the role that history and theology of spirituality play in various faith traditions and Christianity as a whole.
    • Explain the role of spirituality in life and ministry, including both individual and corporate dimensions.
    • Integrate the study of spirituality into the practice of ministry.
    • Integrate the disciplines of spirituality into life.
    • Exhibit the ability to spiritually direct individuals and groups with integrity, discernment, and sound theological principles.


Course Requirements (21 hours) – Certificate in Spiritual Direction
Christian Spirituality CS 501 3
Spiritual Disciplines and Practices CS 510 3
Systems Thinking in Organizational Contexts CS 640 3
Elective CS _____ 3
Techniques of Spiritual Direction CS 767 3
Spiritual Direction Practicum* CS 780 3
Spiritual Direction Practicum*  CS 781  3
 *The Spiritual Direction Handbook, requiring background checks, liability insurance, personal spiritual direction sessions, supervisor information, and more, is available at www.hgst.edu/academics/resources