First Extension Request Form for an “Incomplete”

The “Incomplete” is used only when a student has met the class attendance requirements of a course but must postpone, for reasons beyond his or her control, the completion of certain paper, reports, or other assignments.

The request for an “Incomplete” must be initiated by the student on or before the final day of the semester or term as listed in the Academic Catalog. After reviewing the student’s record, the instructor will determine the validity of the request and approve or deny it. Once the document is signed and approved, the instructor will forward the completed form to the Office of the Registrar. Submission deadlines are January 30 (Fall), June 15 (Spring), and Sept 30 (Summer). Assignments not submitted by the deadline will not count toward the final grade, and the student may receive a failing grade (F) for the course.

HGST First Extension Request – For an “Incomplete”

  • By signing this document, I understand that I must submit my coursework by the date checked below or receive a failing grade for the course.

    If approved, I am aware that a $50 fee is due at the time of submission.