Benjamin Wall


Assistant Professor of Practical Theology

Ph.D. from the University of Aberdeen
Th.M. from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
M.A. from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

About Dr. Wall

Wall-headshot-edited-1Benjamin Wall received a B.A degree in Biblical Studies from Southeastern College at Wake Forest, both his M.A. in Christian Ethics and Th.M. at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Ph.D. degree at the University of Aberdeen. He has taught ethics, theology, and philosophy courses for Grand Canyon University since 2009. Currently, Wall’s research centers on constructively developing a theological-ethical account of the role of listening in the shaping of Christian ethics. His research surveys ways theological accounts of human behavior inform, call into question, and lead to conceptual enrichment of care and counseling perspectives and practices. Moreover, his research is interested in how specific social forming dynamics conveyed within St. Benedict’s Rule and the works of Jean Vanier (L’Arche communities) provide access to calling into question society’s psychological judgments about humanity and the good.

One of his primary interests is in cultivating theological-ethical dialogue on the place and shape of the Church within society as a whole as well as provide the Church with a moral theological account that raises conceptual and practical questions about the systemic impulses that underlie and shape society’s judgments about care provision, humanity, and the good. Additionally, he has a major interest in practical theology, especially in relation to pastoral care, counseling, and ministry of the church. This interest emerges from both his ministerial experiences in the local church combined with his background in mental health and church counseling contexts. He is particularly interested in placing practical theology, ethical, and missional studies into conversation with one another as a means to enable students, ministers, and lay persons to develop vital insights and skills within the area of pastoral care, counseling, and ministry.  Also he has an interest in ethical studies relating to race, wealth and poverty, and justice issues; the Church as a societal institution; constructive theologies of hospitality; practical theologies for pastoral care, counseling, and ministry; ethics of healthcare, humanity, and inhumanity, and the role of the church as a community in the care of marginalized persons.

Throughout the previous twelve years he has served the local church taking on various pastoral and leadership development roles, including pastor of social justice, lay pastor, biblical counselor, and discipleship leader, research and development, and youth pastor. He has also served in para-church contexts including Campus Crusade for Christ, Young Life, and the International Justice Mission. He is currently an aspirant, reading for orders in The North American Missionary District of Province de L’Eglise Anglicane Au Rwanda. He and his wife Leah Elizabeth have been married since 2002 and are parents to Elisha Quinn, Genevieve Elise, and Cassian Alan.

Course Taught

PH 551 Introduction to Christian Ethics
PI 620 Culture and Context
PL 540 Bible in Missional Perspective
CH 510 The History of Christianity I

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