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OT 501: Intro to the OT

Canon Chart
Historical Chart

OT 611: Studies in the Pentateuch: Creation

2012 Course Syllabus
2012 Course Bibliography

OT 622: Wisdom Literature

2012 Course Syllabus
Wisdom Literature Biography

OT 673: Amos, Hosea, Micah

Sum14-OT 673 Amos Hosea Micah Syllabus
OT 673 Bibliography 8th Century

OT 721: Psalms

Psalms Syllabus 2015
Psalms Bibliography 2015
Psalms Introduction

OT 761: Isaiah

2012 Course Syllabus
2012 Course Bibliography

OT 762: Jeremiah

Jeremiah 2014 syllabus
Jeremiah Ezekiel Bibl…
Shalom or Ra’ah Jer. 2911 in its Canonical ad Contemporary Context
Ra’ah as a Paradigm in the Book of Jeremiah …
Jeremiah 29 as a Paradigm

IE 601.602: Integrative Experience

Christmas Eve to Remember: Pitts
Monet and the Kingdom of God: Pitts