Field Education

Houston Graduate School of Theology

Dr. Becky Towne, HGST Field Education Supervisor

Becky TowneField Education Supervisors

Counseling Practicum, Dr. Ria Baker
Ministry Practicum, Dr. Herbert Fain
Missional Leadership Practicum, Dr. Herbert Fain
Spiritual Direction Practicum, Dr. Becky Towne

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At HGST, one of our goals is to provide field education experiences that are well supervised, hands-on, and beneficial to students as well as to the institution.

We are only able to do this with the help of experienced leaders in the Houston metroplex who are credentialed, willing, and able to supervise graduate student volunteers with their time and expertise.

The desire of the field education team is to continue building relationships with this important community. If you would like to join this Houston-based community to supervise potential counselors, ministers, or spiritual directors in practicum roles, please contact me.  If you are part of this community already and have questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me or one of our practicum directors at your convenience. For more information regarding supervisor requirements, call us.

HGST’s commitment to well-grounded practicum experiences flows out of its mission statement: Houston Graduate School of Theology equips women and men to be ministers and messengers of God’s mission of reconciliation through academic excellence, personal transformation, and leadership development.

Student Practicum Deadlines:
First Semester Practicum Deadlines: For Fall Semester Practicum

  1. Initial Application July 15
  2. Supplemental Documentation due August 15

For Spring Semester Practicum

  1. Initial Application due December 15
  2. Supplemental Documentation due January 15

For Summer Term Practicum

  1. Initial Application due April 15
  2. Supplemental Documentation due May 1

Subsequent Practicum courses are predicated upon obtaining credit in the previous Practicum course.

Dr. Becky Towne, Associate Dean, Field Education Supervisor
4300-C West Bellfort
Houston, Texas 77035

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