Master of Arts in Missional Leadership

Missional LeadershipThe Master of Arts in Missional Leadership (MAML) is a two-year professional degree for a person seeking preparation for ministry in any cultural setting. It is designed to meet the needs of men and women called to serve in a variety of contexts and specialized ministries.

This degree will also enhance those in current ministries by enabling them to think missionally and to serve in their present contexts in a manner informed by missional thinking. The biblical, theological, and spiritual foundations ground the students in historical hermeneutical and doctrinal understanding. The degree core courses allow the student to develop the ability to be a leader of contextually relevant ministry.

 Degree Plan:

  Theological Requirements
  Course Number Course Title Hours Semester Completed  
  CS 501 Christian Spirituality 3 _________________  
  NT 501 Christian Canon: New Testament 3 _________________  
  OT 501 Christian Canon: Old Testament 3 _________________  
  TH 501 Christian Theology 3 _________________  
  TS 510 The Missional Church Movement 3 _________________  
  TS 630 Missional Theology 3 _________________  
  PL 620 Culture and Context 3 _________________  
  PL 640 Systems Thinking in Organizational Contexts 3 _________________  
  PL 650  Transformational Leadership 3 _________________  
  PL 671 Leadership in Postmodern Culture 3 _________________  
 Supervised Field Education Requirements     
   PL 780 Missional Leadership Practicum I 3 _________________   
  PL 781 Missional Leadership II 3 _________________   
  PL 799 Integrative Capstone in Missional Leadership 1 _________________  
      1 _________________  
    Total Credit Hours 37    


*The Missional Leadership Practicum Handbook, required background checks, liability insurance, supervisor information, and more is available on the Student Resources page.