Master of Arts in Spiritual Direction Overview

Spiritual DirectionThe Master of Arts in Spiritual Direction degree (MASD) is a two-year professional degree designed to prepare students to provide biblically and historically based spiritual direction in a variety of settings. The degree will also enhance those currently in pastoral ministries by enabling them to understand the needs of their congregations in both individual and group settings. The biblical, theological, and spiritual foundations ground students in historical hermeneutical and doctrinal understanding. The degree core courses allow students to specialize in Christian spirituality and the art of spiritual direction.


Students must have graduated with a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university and with at least a 2.5 GPA.

Degree Plan:

Course Content Areas

Religious Heritage – 18 Credit Hours  
Introduction to Old Testament (4 hrs) OT 501
Introduction to New Testament (4 hrs) NT 501
Introduction to Christian Theology (4 hrs) TH 501
Theological Foundations of Christian Spirituality (3 hrs) CS 650
History of Christian Spirituality (3 hrs) CS 664
Cultural Context – 6 Credit Hours  
Congregations as Systems (3 hrs) CS 640
Spiritual Formation in Congregations (3 hrs) CS 654
Spiritual Formation – 10 Credit Hours  
Introduction to Christian Spirituality (4 hrs) CS 501
Spiritual Disciplines and Practices (3 hrs) CS 510
Christian Devotional Classics (3 hrs) CS 665
Specialization – 12 Credit Hours  
Intake and Assessment (3 hrs) PC 540
Techniques and Principles of Spiritual Direction (3 hrs) CS 767
Spiritual Direction Practicum 1 (3 hrs)
*Prerequisites for practicums in spiritual direction are CS 501,
CS 510, CS 650, CS 664, and CS 767.
CS 780
Spiritual Direction Practicum II (3 hrs) CS 781
Capstone – 2 Credit Hours  
Integrative Capstone in Spiritual Development CS 799
Total Credit Hours: 48     
*The Spiritual Direction Practicum Handbook, required background checks, liability insurance, supervisor information, and more is available on the Student Resources page .