Master of Divinity Overview

The Master of Divinity (MDiv) is the basic professional degree for ordained ministry in the local church and other ministerial leadership positions. The students and faculty of HGST represent a wide range of denominational and ministerial backgrounds. The HGST MDiv degree is designed to encompass the breadth of traditions reflected in our students and staff while connecting those traditions to the historic Christian church and faith. The depth of the HGST course work is enriched by the diversity of tradition and experience represented by our students and faculty. The degree requires 75 credit hours.


Alumnus, Marilyn Fiddmont, MDiv, speaks of her experience at HGST.


Students must have graduated with a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university and with at least a 2.5 GPA.

Degree Plan

Research & Writing

RE 500: Research, Writing, & Theological Learning 3 hours

Biblical & Theological Studies

NT 501: Introduction to the New Testament 4 hours
OT 501: Introduction to the Old Testament 4 hours
TH 501: Introduction to Christian Theology 4 hours
CS 501: Introduction to Christian Spirituality 4 hours
CH 510: History of Christianity I 3 hours
CH 511: History of Christianity II 3 hours
BI 510: Biblical Hermeneutics 3 hours
Old Testament Elective (OT) 3 hours
Theology Elective (TH) 3 hours
New Testament Elective (NT) 3 hours
Philosophy & Ethics Elective (PH) 3 hours
Two Biblical Studies Electives (BH, BI, GR, NT, OT) 6 hours
Two Theological Studies Electives (CH, CS, PH, TH, TS) 6 hours
Biblical or Theological Studies Elective 3 hours

Ministry Practice

PC 501: Introduction to Pastoral Care 4 hours
PR 501: Principles of Preaching 4 hours
PL 510: Introduction to Pastoral Leadership 1 hour
Preaching Elective (PR) 3 hours
Four Ministry Practice Electives (CE, EM, FE, PC, PL, PR, WR) 12 hours
FE 651: Ministry Practicum, Internship, or FE 751: CPE 3 hours
FE 652: Ministry Practicum, Internship, or FE 751: CPE 3 hours

Integrative Experience

IE 601: Integrative Experience I 1 hour
IE 602: Integrative Experience II 1 hour

Total: 87 Hours