New Degree Requirements at HGST


HGST Web Design 049_edited-1Welcome to the academic office at HGST. You may be aware that our degree plans have been changed for the 2015-16 academic year.  In the case of all degrees, with the exception of the Master of Arts in Counseling, the number of credit hours needed to complete the basic degree has decreased. Please be assured that the number of hours still is above the minimum number of hours required by our accreditor, the Association of Theological Schools.

Even more importantly, I want to emphasis that we did not just reduce the degree. We spent this entire academic year thinking through the skills and dispositions that graduates of our programs need in order to be successful in their vocations. Having identified these abilities and dispositions, we asked ourselves about the kinds of learning experiences in the classroom and in ministry sites that would be best equip you for the ministry to which God has called you. Lastly, we put into place the best selection of classes to accomplish these learning goals. We also asked ourselves the important question of how to best assess our work of redesigning the curriculum.

Open House_03The most important question at each step in the process was to ask ourselves, “What is the absolute best for each HGST student?” While we are extremely pleased with our new program designs, we will continue to refine and retool until we get it even better. We are pleased that our work resulted, for example, in an MDiv that can now be completed in 75 credit hours rather than 87 as before so that you will be able to save precious time and resources.


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