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Student Resources is your go-to page for current academic forms and information, along with the latest calendar and class schedule.


Link to the Registrar page to register for courses, submit drop/add forms, order textbooks, and download course syllabi.
Calendars and Catalogs
Where is the calendar? 2015-16 Academic Calendar
Where is last year’s calendar? 2014-15 Academic Calendar
How do I find the new catalog? 2015-2016 Catalog
Course Information
How do I find the Master’s level courses? Click Here
How do I find DMin course information? Click Here

How do I find the new degree plans? Click Here
Financial Aid
In-School Deferment Request
Financial Aid Handbook
HGST Consumer Information
Cash Course Student Program
Counseling Students
Supervisor Agreement for Bo’s Place
Counseling Comprehensive Exam
Discover ACA Student Membership
CPCE Presentation 
Records, Forms
How do I find the Office of the Registrar?
Field Education (aka Practicum) 
What is the Office of Field Education?
Where do I get a practicum handbook?
Helpful Links 
Where can I find Journal Articles? Library Search
do I find Job Postings?

Where should I send my new address? Update Contact Information

How do I Pay Tuition & Fees Online?
Do we have Writer’s Help Links?
Where is the Student Handbook?

Where is the Clery Incident Report Form?
What is a Primary Source?
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