HGST Online Bookstore Instructions

Leading Congregational Change- A Practical Guide for the Transformational JourneyOnline Bookstore Instructions

  1. Find the course you are taking using the semester link.
  2. Click on the box containing the book you want to purchase.
  3. Note availability of the book. If listed as “in stock,” Amazon has the book in its warehouse. Limited stock or “not in stock” may mean a delay in shipping due to backorders.
    • If 1-2 are in stock, you may want to purchase from a “used & new” consigner for faster shipping (see #5 below). If the book is not in stock, continue to #5 below.
    • If the notice states the book will ship in 1-2 weeks or longer, you may want to consider purchasing from a “used & new” consigner, again, for faster shipping (see #5 below).
  4. Click the “Add to Shopping Cart” on the upper right of the screen to purchase the book. You may then either complete the transaction or return to the textbook page and continue shopping. (ADVICE: If you continue shopping, you may want to close the shopping cart window to limit the number of windows open.)
  5. You should note availability of “used & new” copies of the book. These are purchased through Amazon just like the other books, but they are shipped from individual or bookstore consigners, not from Amazon. They are typically reliable, and are rated by users. You may check prices of the used and new books from consigners by clicking the “new & used” tab. Here you will find books of different quality and price. You may purchase them through the same process as #3 above. There is usually a shipping fee for these book shipments.