Greece and Turkey – 2015

Steps of Paul and John | Greece and Turkey (Asia Minor)

Summer trip 2015

greeceHouston Graduate School of Theology is hosting a trip to Greece and Turkey. This an educational tour to help facilitate understanding the context for the New Testament letters, Acts, and Revelation.

One of the students from the previous HGST tour stated that the tour was the best educational trip he and his wife had ever participated in. Several other students from the previous HGST tour noted that seeing the Word in context really made the Bible come alive for them.


The Greek / Turkey Tour will have the same strong emphasis on Biblical archeological sites and early Christian historical sites as did the previous HGST tour.

These sites also reflect living history and contemporary issues. We will have professional guides to focus our attention on the important aspects we won’t want to miss!

Consider joining Dr. Kennard for a unique life changing experience as we drive and walk in the historic footsteps of Paul and John.