New Degree Requirements – 2015

New Degree Requirements

HGST’s degree plans change for the 2015-16 academic year.  In the case of all degrees, with the exception of the Master of Arts in Counseling, the number of credit hours needed to complete the basic degree has decreased. Please be assured that the number of hours still is above the minimum number of hours required by our accreditor, the Association of Theological Schools. Read more…

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Kennard Presentation

Houston Baptist Theology Conference on the Patristic Conception of the Church occurring April 16-18, 2015. Since Houston Graduate School of Theology is committed to unifying and reconciling segments of the Church into a unified body of Christ, the paper showcases a contrasting dark day in which the patristics from second to seventh century so emphasized the universality of the Church that they excluded Jewish-Christian brothers and sisters from an authentic Christianity.

The fact that Jewish Christians, such as the Nazarenes, continued ...

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Faculty Presenters at Southwest Commission on Religious Studies

Professors Davids, Kennard, and Pitts presented papers at the Southwest Commission on Religious Studies March 13-15, 2015.

Chuck Pitts “Judges 19 as a Paradigm for Understanding and Responding to Human Trafficking” for Association for the Scientific Study of Religion.

Doug Kennard “Epistemology and Logic of the Apostle Paul” for Philosophy of Religion section of American Academy of Religion.

Peter Davids presented a paper for IBR.


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