Academic Programs

The Academic Office is central to campus life at HGST. Our Academic Dean, Dr. Becky Towne, provides direction for the disciplines of theology, biblical studies, spirituality, ministry practice, and counseling, which are taught by a Christ-centered faculty that not only cares for students but leads them responsibly toward higher levels of scholastic achievement.

We offer three fully accredited degree programs for students seeking to grow in their ministry as well as four certificate programs that can be added to our degree programs or taken separately.

In addition, the Academic Office oversees the resident and adjunct faculty, faculty committees, the Academic Catalog, and commencement exercises.

For degree program questions, students should begin by contacting their advisors. For immediate assistance, if the advisor is unavailable, contact Dr. Becky Towne.


Academic Dean: Dr. Becky Towne
Phone: 713-942-9505 ext 119
Fax: 713-942-9506