Cost of Attendance


What is Cost of Attendance (COA)?

When awarding financial aid, schools must include Cost of Attendance (COA) in the award determination. Federal aid (Direct Unsubsidized and Graduate Plus) cannot exceed this cost. The COA calculation is based on statistics released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) defined by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget. The official COA includes:

  • Tuition and Fees: The actual cost a student incurs varies depending upon the student’s number of enrolled credit hours. The 2017-2018 tuition rate is $520 per credit hour and the per semester student service fee is $265. For more information about tuition and fees Click Here.
  • Miscellaneous: This category includes books, supplies, origination fees, and other miscellaneous expenses. For more information about origination fees Click Here.
  • Housing: Total housing cost includes housing, utilities, and food. Housing and utilities represent approximately 75% of the total cost and food represents approximately 25%. Actual student housing costs may vary from this estimate.
  • Transportation: This component includes an estimated allowance for a student’s cost for commuting to campus. This allowance does not provide for vehicle maintenance. Full-time students have a higher transportation allowance than half-time students based on the premise that full-time students make a greater number of campus trips.


Masters: Cost of Attendance (2017-2018) $520/credit hour

Doctor Of Ministry: Cost of Attendance (2017-2018) $520/credit hour