Houston Graduate School of Theology

2018 Spring Courses and Syllabi

Syllabi, as they become available, will be linked to course numbers.

Spring 2018 Course Offerings with Classrooms

BI 510 Biblical Hermeneutics Kennard M 6-8:30pm
CH 511 The Christian Story 2 Turley M 6-8:30pm
COU 510  Professional Orientation Baker W 6-8:30pm
COU 530  Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy Terrill W 6-8:30pm
COU 540 Appraisal and Assessment  Baker T 6-8:30pm
COU 630  Prevention, Intervention, and Consultation Baker 10am-12:30pm
COU 642  Aging and Eldercare Ditsky T 10am-12:30pm
COU 663 Marriage and Family Dynamics Terrill TH 6-8:30pm
COU 665 Counseling Diverse Populations Simon M 6-8:30pm
COU 710 Lifestyle and Career Counseling
(HYBRID Jan 27, Feb 10, 24, Mar 24, Apr 14,28)
Ellis S 9am-1pm
#COU 740  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
(HYBRID Jan 20, Feb 3, 17, Mar 3, Apr 7, 21)
Ditsky 9am-1pm
#COU 751  Counseling Practicum Baker M 6-7:30pm
#COU 752 Counseling Internship I Terrill M 6-7:30pm
#COU 753  Counseling Internship II Terrill M 6-7:30pm
COU 765 Family Mediation and Conflict Resolution Terrill TH 1-3:30pm
COU 799  Integrative Capstone in Counseling Baker M 7:30-8:30pm
CS 501  Christian Spirituality
(HYBRID Jan 20, Feb 3, Mar 3, Apr 7)
Towne 9am-3pm
CS 665 Christian Devotional Classics Laing W 10am-12:30pm
#CS 780  Spiritual Direction Practicum I Stutz TH  1-3:30pm
#CS 781 Spiritual Direction Practicum II Stutz TH 1-3:30pm
#FE 651 Ministry Practicum I Fain TH 5:30-6:30pm
#FE 652 Ministry Practicum II Fain TH 5:30-6:30pm
#GR 552  Elementary NT Greek II Kennard 6-8:30pm
IE 601 Integrative Experience (1 credit hour) Fain W 5-6pm
IE 602 Integrative Experience (1 credit hour) Fain W 5-6pm
MC 620  Culture and Context
(HYBRID Jan 27, Feb 17, Mar 24, Apr 21)
Furr, Franke S 9am-3pm
#NT 725 The Book of Acts Kennard 6-8:30pm
OT 501  Christian Canon OT  Pitts TH  6:45-9:15pm
PC 501 Pastoral Care Shuman T 6-8:30pm
PC 530  Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy Terrill W 6-8:30pm
PC 642  Aging and Eldercare Ditsky    
PC 663 Marriage and Family Dynamics Terrill TH 6-8:30pm
PH 551  Christian Ethics  Furr TH 6:45-9:15pm
PH 751 Clergy Professional Conduct and Ethics Fain W 6-8:30pm
PL 510 The Missional Church Movement Shuman T 10am-12:30pm
RE 400 English Writing Lab Renz T 4:30-5:30pm
TH 501  Christian Theology  Kennard TH  10am-12:30pm
CS 767  Techniques and Principles of Spiritual Direction Stutz    
#ID 701 Interdisciplinary Capstone (MTS) (2 hours) Towne    
#ID 702 Master of Divinity Capstone (1 hour) Towne    

Important Dates:

First day for Monday classes: January 8
First day for remaining classes: Tuesday, January 16
MLK Day: Monday, January 15 (no classes, offices closed)
Spring Break: March 12-18 (no classes)
Easter Break: March 30-31 (no classes, offices closed)
Last day of classes: Friday, May 4
Fall Commencement: Saturday, May 5

Courses marked with # have one or more prerequisites.

ADVISORS, please check degree plans.

All scheduled courses are 3-credit-hour courses unless indicated otherwise.