Houston Graduate School of Theology

2019 Spring Courses and Syllabi

DMin - 2019 Spring Courses and Syllabi

Syllabi, as they become available, will be linked to course numbers.

Entering Students

CS 800 Foundations for Christian Spirituality and Formation: Webber

PL 800 Systems Thinking for Pastoral Leadership: Towne

PL 803 Foundations of the Missional Church Movement: Shuman

RE 800 Doctoral Level Research: Kennard

Returning Students

CS 830 Biblical Community: Towne

PL 833 Advanced Systems for Pastoral Leadership: Herrington


          PC 830 Pastoral Care Specialization: Terrill

          PL 830 Leadership: Pastoral Specialization: Shuman

          PL 835 Leadership: Missional Specialization: Shuman

          PL 838 Leadership: Public Theology Specialization: Smith

PR 830 Preaching Specialization: Cosby

SD 830 Spiritual Direction and Formation: Webber

All Students

DM 860 Project and Practicum Development: Towne