Houston Graduate School of Theology

2019 Spring Courses and Syllabi


2019 Spring Courses and Syllabi

Syllabi, as they become available, will be linked to course numbers.

Entering Students

CS 800 Foundations for Christian Spirituality and Formation: Webber

PL 800 Systems Thinking for Pastoral Leadership: Towne

PL 803 Foundations of the Missional Church Movement: Shuman

RE 800 Doctoral Level Research: Kennard

Returning Students

CS 830 Biblical Community: Towne

PL 833 Advanced Systems for Pastoral Leadership: Herrington


          PC 830 Pastoral Care Specialization: Terrill

          PL 830 Leadership: Pastoral Specialization: Shuman

          PL 835 Leadership: Missional Specialization: Shuman

          PL 838 Leadership: Public Theology Specialization: Smith

PR 830 Preaching Specialization: Cosby

SD 830 Spiritual Direction and Formation: Webber

All Students

DM 860 Project and Practicum Development: Towne