Houston Graduate School of Theology

Class Rings

Houston Graduate School of Theology

Choose your class ring from two styles: Custom Ring or Class Ring with a Stone

HGST Custom Class Ring from Balfour

Contact Robert Baker at robert.baker@balfour.com or call (512) 632.8631.

HGST Custom Class Ring

All college rings are custom crafted by specialized Balfour craftsmen. More than 35 operations contribute to the creation of one single handcrafted Balfour ring. The prominent university features are expertly drawn and then transformed onto the ring design where they appear as replicas of the original symbol. Balfour's expert craftsmanship ensures that your official college ring becomes a distinctive keepsake and a symbol of your academic successes.


  • Balfour Premium Silver (BPS) - $315 (W) / $415 (M)
  • 10 K - $385 (W) / $675 (M)
  • 14 K - $510 (W) / $980 (M)
  • 18 K - $655 (W) / $1355 (M)


Please provide Balfour with the following:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Daytime telephone number
  • Houston Graduate School of Theology
  • Degree: MAC, MTS, MDiv, or DMin
  • Graduation Date
  • Metal Quality
  • Men's or Women's
  • Ring Size


HGST Class Ring with your choice of stone from The Graduation Store

Contact Bill Loveday at graduationstore@aol.com or call 713.977.5777

Available ring styles include the following. Prices are subject to change.

The Graduation Store rings with stones

  • White Lazon - durable and brilliant white metal at affordable prices - $240 (W)/$260 (M)

Traditional and Contemporary

  • SilverXT (S/ST) - precious metal alloy composed primarily of silver, with elements palladium and gold. Plated with rhodium - $360 (W) / $430 (M)

Traditional, Contemporary & 3 styles for women (May Flower, Gardenia, Dahlia)

  • AmberXT (A/ST) -  metal alloy composed of 17% gold, 21% silver, and 62% other metals - $380 (W) / $530 (M)

Traditional and Contemporary

  • Additional Women's Styles (May Flower, Gardenia, Dahlia)
  • 10K - $550/$950
  • 14K - $750/$1450