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Payment Options


Payment Options

The Business Office seeks to provide different options and support for payment processing for our students. Information about these payment options, deadlines, and policies is given below.

The Seminary accepts all methods of payment towards tuition:

1. Cash Payments – may be submitted at the receptionist desk or directly to the Business Office. Cash should never be submitted through the U. S. Postal service.

2. Checks/Money Orders – may be submitted at the receptionist desk or mailed to our payment address: HGST: ATTN: Business Office: 4300-C West Bellfort: Houston, Texas 77035

3. Credit Card Payments/Electronic Funds Transfer – the Seminary accepts the following types of credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Payments can be made online through HGST’s eTapestry page.

Payment Plans

1. Pay in full at the start of each term

Payment of Tuition and Fees – Tuition and applicable enrollment fees are due in full on the first day of each semester.

2. 4-month Payment Plan

a. HGST offers a 4-month payment plan for students who will pay out of pocket. The payment plan is offered for the current semester charges only and must be paid in full by the end of the semester.

b. A $50 installment fee is assessed. The plan requires a down payment of one-half (50%) of the tuition and fees. The down payment is due ten days prior to the first day of the semester. The remaining balance (50%) must be paid in three equal installments, payable 30, 60, and 90 days after the down payment.

c. Any student who does not meet the required payment due dates will be assessed an additional $50 late fee on the outstanding balance.

3. VA Benefits

We accept VA Benefits for persons under chapters 30, 31, 32, and 33. Students applying for aid under chapter 31 should meet with their Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor and bring the necessary paperwork to the Registrar’s Office. Students applying for aid under chapters 30, 32, or 33 please click here. VA Benefits

4. Federal Aid and Scholarships

Information on financial assistance in the forms of loans, grants, or scholarships is available in the financial aid office.

A student’s registration is not valid until satisfactory arrangements are made for full payment of tuition and applicable fees and will be invalidated if such arrangements are not made. Failure to meet the financial arrangements or failure to complete all financial aid student loan requirements will invalidate the student’s registration and disqualify the student from any future enrollment until satisfactory arrangements have been made. Students are responsible for all tuition and fees associated with their enrollment.

Students should contact Ms. Tracee M. Fletcher with any additional questions or concerns.

Chief Operating and Financial Officer:
Ms. Tracee M. Fletcher

Tel: 713-942-9505 x118
Fax: 713-942-9506
Email: tfletcher@hgst.edu