Houston Graduate School of Theology

DMin Degree Program


Doctor of Ministry Degree

The Doctor of Ministry (DMin) degree is an advanced professional degree designed for those in pastoral and para-church ministries. The DMin degree program is composed of ministry-oriented, doctoral-level courses, which cover topics such as preaching, evangelism and outreach, spiritual formation, and leadership. HGST allows DMin students to specialize in one of four areas:

1. Leadership - Dr. Ken Shuman, Director
2. Pastoral Care - Dr. Jerry Terrill, Director
3. Preaching - Dr. Marcus Cosby, Director
4. Spiritual Direction and Formation - Dr. Jerry Webber, Director

The Leadership  specialization prepares students for leadership in a variety of contexts, within missional and post-modern cultures. Directed by Dr. Ken Shuman.

The Pastoral Care specialization combines the best of pastoral ministries and counseling disciplines to inform students regarding concepts and practices in this field of study. Directed by Dr. Jerry Terrill.                                                       

The Preaching specialization helps students cultivate a greater appreciation for and appropriation of biblical preaching for the 21st-century church and culture. Directed by Dr. Marcus Cosby.

The Spiritual Direction and Formation specialization provides a way for students to receive spiritual direction certification while completing the Doctor of Ministry degree program. Directed by Dr. Jerry Webber.

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