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The Power to Care

by Gabe Baker Simple and effective.

These two words describe my messaging goal for this post and the subject that this post will speak to as seen in the title: The Power to CARE

There are only a few things that remain consistent between all humans of every time period, cultural background, ethnic history, personal life experience, individual life pursuits, and choices, and I find those things to be: life, death, and the pursuit to be loved.care_puzzle_red

Being LOVED means the expression of heartfelt CARE to who you are, what you do, or how you decide to define your life’s existence.

This CARE is what breeds life when there is death heavily looming.This CARE instills inspiration when despair is pressing down. This CARE is bringing health to those who can’t heal themselves.


This CARE is, too, the result of empathy: the intentional action to understand someone’s individual circumstance.

Too easily do we revert to protecting and maintaining the perspective and insights that we have been taught and that which make us comfortable, without remaining inquisitive and open-minded to what others have to say and have learned.

I know…scary stuff, to voluntarily expose oneself to the chance for one’s doctrinal and life views to be challenged and potentially proven “incorrect.” However, having your views challenged is healthy and advisable.

For growth and learning never came from remaining comfortable and within yourself. To this same point: faith untested truly can’t be trusted.

This form of “intellectual CARE” is one I strive to continually embrace, and thus my graduate student status at the Houston Graduate School of Theology.

It gives me great pride to be a part of the multicultural, multidenominational community that is HGST. For, developing within this diverse community of evangelical believers does not compromise one’s theological convictions but rather strengthens and deepens them.

This addition of knowledge and experience onto my time playing football at Rice University, studying and now working in Civil Engineering and serving as youth minister, has allowed my personal window of CARE to be larger than it has ever been. My faith and love for God and people deeper than ever before.

Navigating through the present tumultuous times saturated with social inequalities and politically charged conversations is complicated and wearisome. Developing this CARE for others is what transforms these trying times to uniting times.

This CARE begins to untie the tangled cords of humankind.

This CARE, is

Simple and effective.


Gabe Baker is a graduate student at Houston Graduate Student of Theology.