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Some of my favorite moments in the Summer Olympics involve relay races featuring the fastest women and men in the world.  Often these are individuals who have run their own races and won individual medals in previous events (100 meters, 200 meters, and 400 meters).  By the time of the relay races they seem more relaxed.  They are used to the pressure and the spotlight.  One of the key moments in any relay race involves the hand-off of the baton between runners on the team.  Since most relay races feature four runners, there are three hand-offs that take place in the races.  The hand-offs are the most vulnerable and unpredictable moments in the races, because it is not uncommon for someone to run too fast or too slow or to slip up and drop a baton.  Now it doesn't happen all that often, because these folks practice together over and over;  but it does happen.   When it does, dreams are dashed. handoff Well, we are getting ready to hand-off the editorship of HGST's blog.  I'll soon be moving on to the colder climate of Wheaton, Illinois, and as a result, I'll be passing on the baton--so to speak--to another.

Dr. Becky Towne, who will soon start her service as interim Academic Dean at HGST, will assume the editorship of the blog on July 1, 2017.  Between now and then, I'll have a chance to write and edit a few more posts. Dr. Towne will be perfect for the job because she is a good writer and, more importantly, a thoughtful person.

We began the blog last summer in August 2016.  So the blog is almost a year old.  Thousands of people have tuned it at one time or another to read a post and/or make a comment.  We have had faculty, students, trustees, alums, friends and others write for us.  Let me express my appreciation to the men and women who have contributed to the conversation.  Each person has added something from their disciplines: spirituality, counseling, ethics, Old Testament, and New Testament.  These are the subjects that make up our curriculum so they are fitting subjects for our blog.

I look forward to staying in touch with the blog under the able direction of Dr. Becky Towne. I have been assisted ably in this by Ms. Linda Renz.  Thanks, Linda!  Thanks to all of you who will research, write, read, and comment on the blog for us.  It is a great way to take the conversation inside the seminary outside.

Thanks, Dr. Towne!