Houston Graduate School of Theology

Tuition and Fees

Master's Programs

Fall 2018, Spring 2019, Summer I/II 2019 

Doctor of Ministry Program

Fall 2018, Spring 2019

Tuition (all programs): $525 per credit hour

Fees Common to All Degree Programs

Immigration Documentation Processing Fee         $135 (plus $10 per dependent)

Late Registration Fee                                             $50

Late Application Fee
(in addition to Application Fee)                            $50 

Check Return Fee                                                  $35

Extension Fee                                                        $50 per course

Installment Fee                                                      $50

Transcripts/Certification of Enrollment Fee          $5 per copy (expedited service – $25)

Audit Fee (HGST alumni)                                      $25 per credit hour

Audit Fee (all others)                                             $50 per credit hour

Retreat Fee  - A fee will be assessed for the cost of an overnight stay due to course requirement

Master's Fees

Application for Admission Fee                             $50

Student Fee (Building Security, IT Services, Computer Lab, Copy, Scan, & Printing)    $270 per semester

Directed Study Surcharge (over & above tuition)   (1 credit hour per course)     $525

Drop/Add Fee (after the start of classes)            $25

Graduation Fee                                                   $275

Doctor of Ministry Fees

Application for Admission Fee                            $100

Student Fee (Building Security, Internet Services, Computer Lab, Copy, Scan, & Printing)    $355 per semester

Strengths Inventory Fee                                       $75 First Semester Only (New Entering Student)

Extension Fee                                                       $50 per instructor

Continuation Fee (DM 863 or DM 864)            $525 per semester

Project/Practicum Director Fee                            $50 per semester

Candidacy Fee                                                     $200

Final Project Processing Fee                                 $200

Graduation Fee                                                    $500

Fees are non-refundable and are due at the time services are rendered or when forms are submitted. All fees are subject to change.