Houston Graduate School of Theology

MDiv - Chaplaincy Track


Master of Divinity - Chaplaincy Track

The Degree

The Master of Divinity (MDiv) is the normative degree for those entering ordained ministry or other ministerial leadership positions. The MDiv is designed to encompass the breadth of traditions reflected in our students and staff while connecting those traditions to the historic Christian church and faith. The depth of the HGST course work is enriched by the diversity of tradition and experience represented by our students and faculty.

The purpose of the chaplaincy track is to provide MDiv students with a broad, thorough theological, biblical, and historical background so that they will be prepared to be spiritually mature, missional leaders in ministry as chaplains.

The degree requires 75 credit hours.


The Course Plan

Required Courses (50 credit hours)
BI 510 Biblical Hermeneutics
CH 510 The Christian Story I
CH 511 The Christian Story II
CS 501 Christian Spirituality
CS 510 Spiritual Disciplines and Practices
IE 601 Integrative Experience I
IE 602/605 Integrative Experience II
MC 602 Intercultural Competencies
NT 501 Christian Canon: New Testament
OT 501 Christian Canon: Old Testament
PC 522 Human Growth and Development
PC 530 Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy
PH 551 Christian Ethics
PH 661 Global Faith Traditions
PL 640 Systems Thinking in Organizational Contexts
PL 650 Transformational Leadership
PR 501 Principles of Preaching
TH 501 Christian Theology or TS 630 Missional Theology

Electives (18 credit hours)
Recommended course options:
MC 620 Culture and Context
PC 640 Grief Counseling
PC 642 Aging and Elder Care
PC 663 Marriage and Family Dynamics

Supervised Field Education (6 credit hours)
FE 751 Clinical Pastoral Education

Capstone (1 credit hour)
ID 702 Master of Divinity Capstone