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Ken Gross

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Ken Gross in the news

Ken Gross is a student in our MAC (Master’s in Counseling) program at HGST, expecting to graduate in 2016.  Ken also has an MBA from the University of Oklahoma and an undergraduate degree from the University of London (Imperial College) in Chemistry and Physics.

Ken is a native of the UK, growing up near London.  He worked in the water industry right out of high school before leaving the UK for Saudi Arabia in 1978 to work in the oil industry.  He left Saudi in 1985 and joined the financial industry in the US, in which he still works.  He lives in Katy, is married with three children, two step-children and 14 grandchildren.

Ken currently attends “The Fellowship,” a non-denominational church in Katy, and he is both an Elder and the Director of Pastoral Counseling.  He is the Executive Director of Merimnao (merimnao.org), a ministry to the brokenhearted he began in 2010.  Merimnao is an umbrella ministry that has several sub-ministries within.  Approximately fifty volunteers work under his guidance in ten separate ministries, each providing help to troubled people.

Ken has written 6 books, the Emotional Prisons series, and 3 associated workbooks for those in Christ-centered recovery.  Each of these books, as well as Merimnao, are products of his life story.  Ken says that God has taken all the talents, gifts and experiences from his life and merged them together to form his desire to help those who are brokenhearted, and his books reflect that.